Merlynda Robinson (LLAM)

- aka:  'Miss Merlynda & Her Cheeky Chatty Puppets!' - and - 'Miss Merlynda Puppet Theatre'

Award-Winning Ventriloquist - Puppeteer - Story-Teller - Songwriter - Composer

Award-Winning Children's Poet - StoryTeller - Singer-Songwriter (aka: 'Merlynda Jelly Jaws')

Walkabout Ventriloquist-Puppeteer - and - Mix and Mingle Ventriloquist-Puppeteer

And - Live Puppet Shows Weekly at Miss Merlynda Puppet Theatre!

For More Information - Please Visit:

- aka: 'Kitty Pigfish' - 'Pigfish' - Cartoonist - Caricaturist - Portrait Artist - Illustrator

Plus - Drawing & Painting Classes and Workshops Every Week!

Principal Poetry Awards:

Winner - The Golden Grove/Forward Poetry Award
Winner - The Leaf Book-Jacket Illustration Award
Second Prize-Winner - The PIM Poetry Award
Highly-Commended - The Portico Poetry Prize
Highly-Commended - The Serendipity Poetry Award
Finalist - The National Poetry Slam (Poetry Rivals)
Poetry Expert - BBC Radio’s ‘Functional Poetry Initiative’

Merlynda’s Songwriting Awards:

Highly-Commended – The WM Composers Award For Song
Semi-Finalist – 5 times – The UK Songwriting Contest
Commended – 3 times – The UK Songwriting Contest

Merlynda’s Songs are published by: Boulevard Music Publishing and KKOS Music Publishing.

Merlynda’s Instrumental Music Compositions have been choreographed by the Royal Academy of Dance school in Ireland – and in Cyprus - and were Premiered at: The EQ International Festival of Dance, Ireland.

Merlynda’s Speech & Acting Awards:

LLAM of LAMDA (Speech and Acting)
Licentiate and Associate of: The London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art

4 x Honours Medals in Speech and Acting
2 x Gold HONOURS Medals in Speech and Acting
2 x Silver HONOURS Medals in Speech and Acting
1 x Bronze Medal

Merlynda's Principal Solo Poetry Publication Titles - to date:

'Romantic Love Poems & Romantic Nature Poems' - A Collection For Adults and Teens

'War Poems - A Collection for Remembrance - Centenary 1918-2018'

'Jolly Rhymes!' - A Collection for Children

'6 FairyTales & Verse-Fables 4 YOU!' - A Collection For Children

'Tiggee Tatter & Ticklee' - An Illustrated Short Story In Rhyme For Children

'The Tale of The Goat & The Wolf' - A FairyTale Poem For All Ages

'Merlynda: A Poet In The Artist's Cabin, Bucks Mills' - A Collection For Adults - Teens and Older Children

'The Bucks Mills Funny Times' - An Illustrated Collection For All Ages

'Naughty But Nice' - A Collection For Adults

'Naughty! Naughty!' - A Collection For Adults

'The Romance of Bucks Mills' - A Collection For Adults - Teens and Older Children

Merlynda's Poetry Is Published in 48 Poetry Anthologies Published by Forward Press - from 1996 to date (please contact for the list of the Forward Press Poetry Publications Titles)

‘Flight or Fight Poetry Collection’ - Pubd: 2012
'Horror Poetry Collection' - Pubd: 2012
'The Tale of The Goat & The Wolf - A Verse-Fable' - also recorded as a Live Ventriloquism & Poetry Performance Audio Book - Pubd: 2009
‘ACT! Alone ~ Scene-Stealing High Comedy Monologues For Performers & Speakers’ -Pubd: GAPP 2001
‘Master The Art’ - Pubd: The Art Institute 1998

Merlynda is a former Magazine Columnist of: ‘The Observer Series of Newspapers’
and former Subs Editor for 'The Financial Times' (Fintech Publications)

Merlynda is the Founder & Editor of:

'The Bucks Mills Poetry Magazine' - Bi-monthly Printed and Illustrated Poetry Magazine

and the former Editor of:

‘The Poetry Box Magazine' - Monthly Printed and Illustrated Poetry Magazine

Merlynda Founded the following Annual International Poetry Awards:

‘The Poetry Box Silver Cup Trophy Annual Award’
‘The Poetry Box Halloween Poetry Annual Award’

Merlynda Founded 'The Ventriloquist Club of Great Britain' and is The VC of GB’s Judge of Duologues and Scripts for Ventriloquists.

Merlynda is The VC of GB’s resident Trainer in Ventriloquism and Public Speaking.

Merlynda is a Full Member of:  EQUITY (Children's Entertainers - Variety - Street Performers - Puppeteers).

Merlynda is a Full Member of:  Puppeteers UK

Merlynda's Live Poetry Radio Broadcasts To Date:

BBC Radio Solent
BBC Southern Counties
BBC 3 Counties
Delta Radio
Radio Lion
Spirit FM

The Radio Lion live broadcast of Merlynda reading a selection of her Verse-Fables and Fairytales-In-Verse -  and performing Ventriloquism with the Cast of her Ventriloquist Puppets live on air - was also recorded - for broadcast to patients and staff at The Royal Surrey County Hospital Radio in Guildford, Surrey - and is regularly re-broadcast.

Merlynda's Art & Illustration Publications:

(Merlynda Robinson - aka: Cartoon-Caricaturist 'Kitty Pigfish'/'Inky Sunday')

Merlynda's Illustrations, Cartoons and Artworks are published by Thames & Hudson - The AOI - and in a variety of other publications, to date.

Merlynda's Cartoons are regularly exhibited at 'The International Salon of Cartoonists & Caricaturists' in France (since 1996) and her Paintings and Drawings have been exhibited nationally and internationally.

A Full Exhibitions List to date is available upon request.

Merlynda's Award-Winning Poetry is Published in 48 Poetry Anthologies, as 16 Solo Poetry Collections, and as 3 Poetry Audio Books, to date.

In addition, her verse appears in her Collection of Monologues and Speeches for Performers (Title: 'Act Alone!' - Published GAPP), as an Epic Verse-Fable Booklet (Title: 'The Tale of The Goat & The Wolf'), now on the Reading List for poetry students in Albania under the auspices of Ferit Lemaj, as a Romantic-Gothic Poetry Pamphlet (Title: 'Horror Poetry - A Pocket Collection'), in a variety of Poetry Magazines and Poetry Publications (printed and online), by The Poetry Society, as two Comedy Poetry Collections For Adults (Title: 'Naughty But Nice!' and 'NAUGHTY! NAUGHTY!) - in several Poetry Booklets for Children (under her pseudonym 'Merlynda Jelly-Jaws') (Titles: 'Jolly Rhymes!', '6 Fairytales & Verse-Fables 4 YOU!', 'Tiggee Tatter & Ticklee', 'The Tale of The Goat & The Wolf') - as a Romantic Love, Bereavement, Nature and Place-Inspired Collection - inspired and created to celebrate her life and work in the tiny mysterious North Devon village of Bucks Mills (Title: 'The Romance of Bucks Mills') - and - as a Collection of War Poems to commemorate the centenary of the end of World War One (Title: 'War Poems - A Collection For Remembrance 1918-2018').
In addition, her latest Comedy, Romantic Love Poetry and Romantic Nature Poetry Collections are printed as booklets - and further Collections of her romantic love poetry, gothic poetry - and romantic bereavement poetry - is due for publication in book form - and - as illustrated posters - shortly.

Her poetry is frequently broadcast - both live and as pre-recorded poetry recitations - on Radio - (including various live BBC Radio broadcasts) - and - she has performed selections of her works live at a variety of Poetry & Literary Festivals.

Merlynda has performed her Award-winning Poetry For Adults, her Romantic Love Poetry, Romantic Bereavement Poetry & Romantic Nature Poetry Recitals as a Solo/Headline Performance Poet at a wide variety of venues and for a wide variety of Events, such as:

Poetry Festivals, Literary Festivals, Public Commemorative Events, Poetry Open Mic Events and organising and compering Poetry Open Mic Nights and Matinees, Valentine's Day Celebrations, Receptions -Weddings - Anniversaries, Residential & Care Homes, at Seasonal Events and at Live Music Events and Concerts

Born into a Professional Musical and Operatic family, Merlynda studied Speech and Acting with LAMDA (The London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art) to achieve her Licentiateship - and began performing and reciting to live audiences when she was just 8 years old - at:

• The Civic Hall (1500-seater Concert venue) - now 'G-Live' - in Guildford, Surrey
 - and at a variety of Theatres/Venues throughout Surrey - and on the London Fringe Theatre circuit

• at The Actors Institute in London
• at The LAMDA MacOwen Theatre, London

at prestigious Country Estates & Stately Homes - such as:

• The Elvetham Country Estate
• Little Thakeham
• and at the request of Baroness Golding for Members of The Law Lords (The House of Lords)

- and - at prestigious London Hotels and Venues - such as:

• The Lanesborough Hotel, Hyde Park/Park Lane, London

Merlynda has performed her Award-Winning Poetry and Songs at a variety of Festivals too - including:

• The Havant Literary Festival - as Live Performance Poet Support Act to BBC DJ Mike Harding - and - conducting her own hilarious 'Merlynda's Gottle o Gear Ventriloquism Workshops For Adults'
• The Beer & Oyster Festival - As Performance Poet & Walkabout Ventriloquist
• The Ripley Festival - As Performance Poet & Walkabout Ventriloquist
• The Christmas Festival, Hampshire - As Performance Poet & Walkabout Ventriloquist
• The Milford Festival, Surrey - As Performance Poet and Puppeteer - and - as Punch & Judy Professor 'Professor Melodrama'
• The Oakwood Theatre, Chichester, West Sussex - As Puppeteer - and - as Punch & Judy Professor 'Professor Melodrama'
• The Port Solent May Festival, Port Solent, Hampshire - As Poet-Puppeteer - and - as Punch & Judy Professor 'Professor Melodrama'
• The Festival of Chichester - As Performance Poet - and at:

  • WordBox Live Performance Poetry and Spoken Word Events in West Sussex and Hampshire. 

Solo Poetry Readings, Fairy-Tale Poetry and Romantic Love Poetry Readings & Recitals - as Solo Verse-Fabulist - and - as Romantic Epic Poet - occasionally including a number of her original songs - at:

• East Hill House, Hampshire
• Rakelands House, Hampshire
• Milkwood House, Hampshire
• The Festival Hall, Petersfield, Hampshire
• O'Connors and The Secret Garden, Hampshire
• The Wheelwrights, Hampshire
• The White Hart, West Sussex
• Christmas Cabaret, Rogate, West Sussex
• The Godwin, Haslemere, Surrey

Performing Poetry and Ventriloquism  Live on Radio - at:

• BBC Radio Solent
• BBC Radio 3 Counties
• BBC Radio South
• Radio Lion
• Delta Radio
• Spirit FM

Merlynda is a Licentiate and Associate of The London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art (LAMDA) and has 4 Honours Medals in Speech and Acting - in addition to various Diplomas in Journalism and Creative Writing.
For details of her various Poetry, Ballad/Song/Lyrics, Illustration/Art and other Awards to date.

Merlynda was also Founder - and - the former Editor - of: 'The Poetry Box Magazine' - an internationally respected, A4-sized, Illustrated and Printed Romantic Poetry and Epic Poetry Magazine.

Merlynda was also the Founder and former Editor of: 'The Bucks Mills Poetry Magazine' - a Nature and Placed Themed Illustrated and Printed Bi-Monthly poetry magazine, based in Devon, England.

Merlynda is a former Magazine and Newspaper Columnist of: 'The Observer Series of Newspapers' - and - a former Copy Editor/Subs Manager at: 'The Financial Times' (FinTech Technical Publications).

Merlynda is frequently engaged as a Poetry Judge, Poetry Critic and Poetry Book Reviewer - and - as the Founder and Principal Trainer of the former 'The Ventriloquist Club of Great Britain' - a frequently commissioned Ventriloquism Books/Scripts - and - Scripts/Duologues - Reviewer and Editor.

Merlynda is the Author of the hugely popular Monologues & Speeches Collection: 'ACT! ALONE - Scene-Stealing High Comedy Monologues & Verse For Performers & Speakers' (Pubd. GAPP 2001) and: 'The Tale of The Goat and The Wolf' - A Verse-Fable (Pubd. GAPP 2009) - which she also recorded as a Poetry Audio Book utilising her amazing 'Vocal Characterization' skills, much acclaimed by verse-fabulists and poetry performers.

Merlynda's Publications are Available via all good bookshops including Waterstone's, via online booksellers - and directly from: The Devon Book Society.

For details regarding Merlynda's Romantic Poetry Publication: 'War Poems' - created to commemorate the Centenary of the end of World War One (1918-2018) -and - for details of her Latest Romantic Poetry Collection for Adults 'The Romance of Bucks Mills' - Please Contact Merlynda directly and/or Order from all good bookshops including Waterstone's.

Merlynda was also commissioned by 'The Art Institute' to create and write a 850,000 word Art Tutorial Course: 'Master The Art' - Published 1998 by The Art Institute.

Merlynda's (aka 'Kitty Pigfish') Book Illustrations, Cartoons, Portraits and Drawings have been exhibited nationally and internationally including:

• Britain's Painters (The Artist) Exhibition, London
• The Royal Watercolour Society, London
• The USA Exhibition, London
• The Raw Gallery, London
• The Seagate Gallery, Dundee
• The NorthBank Artists Gallery, London
• The Mall Galleries, London
• Hays Galleria, London
• The Pastel Society, London


The International Grand Prix Watercolourists, France

  • • Art Addiction Gallery, Sweden
    • The Harvey Gallery, Surrey
    • The KD Gallery, Surrey
    • The Collective Gallery, Edinburgh
    • The Festival Hall, Hampshire
    • Seventh Heaven, West Sussex
    - and feature in many Private Collections - including:
    • McLaren Formula One Team Principal
    - and -
    • HM Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother

Merlynda is the Winner of 'The Leaf Book-Jacket Illustration Award' and her Illustrations are published by Thames & Hudson and The AOI, among other publishers.

Merlynda's Book Illustrations, Cartoons and Ink Illustrations have been exhibited at 'The International Salon of Cartoonists' in France since 1996, representing Great British Cartoonists - and her watercolours were exhibited at 'The International Grand Prix of Watercolourists' in France - and - by 'The Royal Watercolour Society'.

Merlynda is also a multi Award-winning Songwriter and Composer and Lyricist - and her Instrumental Compositions for Piano and Keyboard have been choreographed and premiered by The Royal Academy of Ballet in Ireland - at their International Ballet and Dance Festival.

Merlynda's corporate writing career and in-company positions/roles include:

• PA to The Chief Barker of The Variety Club of Great Britain, Wardour Street, London.
• PA to The Managing Director of Columbia-EMI-Warner Bros Films, Wardour Street, London.
• Scriptwriter/Speechwriter for a variety of blue chip clients at Q International Ltd, Surrey.
• Actor and Presenter for: Polaroid Film Presentations (via QAV Presentations Ltd) Woking, Surrey.
• Photographic Model at: RFD, Godalming, Surrey.
• Assistant To The Lecturers at: The College of Law, Guildford, Surrey.

For Further Details Regarding Merlynda's Poetry Awards, Song-writing Awards, Instrumental Compositions and Book-Jacket Illustration Awards - Please Click on the 'Awards' page.

Merlynda is a multi Award Winning Humorous Songs Singer-Songwriter - a Highly Original Comical Ventriloquist - and - a UniqueWalkabout/Street Ventriloquist-Puppeteer - A Hilarious Singing and Story-Telling Ventriloquist - Dancing Marionettes Puppeteer - and - Punch and Judy Shows Professor-Puppeteer.

Merlynda's Other Interests & Qualifications:

For over 35 years now, Merlynda has conducted 'Tarot Divination Readings' and 'I Ching Readings' - for Private Consultations, Couples, Fri ends, Groups, at Parties and Balls, Black Tie and Fundraising Events - and - at a variety of Festivals.

Merlynda has also created 'Astrological Birth Charts' and highly intuitive 'Astrological Interpretations' for private clients - in addition to creating popular and respected Magazine and Newspaper Horoscopes - published as: 'Scarlette's Stars'.

Merlynda has Diplomas in the following Alternative Therapies and 'New Age' disciplines:

• Astrology (The Astrology Institute)
• Parapsychology (The British School of Yoga)
• Psychotherapy (The British School of Yoga)
• Iridology (The British School of Yoga)
• Psychotechnics (MindCare Organisation)
• Hypnotherapy (MindCare Organisation) - and - Stage Hypnotherapy (MindCare Organisation)
• Neuro Linguistic Programming (MindCare Organisation)

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